Reference Table (the way you moved through me)

The project was developed during a 1 month residency in Montpellier and will be installed as part of the group exhibition Dernières Nouvelles de l‘Ether at La Panacèe, Montpellier (FR). The installation Reference Table (the way you moved through me) could be seen as a reference system which communicates between the exhibition situation, it`s archive and the mobile frequencies in the city.

On view from May 13th – June 22nd 2014.
Dernières Nouvelles de l‘Ether
La Panacèe, Montpellier

Dominique Blais, Will Potter, Vincent Betbeze, Ugo La Pietra, Trevor Paglen, Superstudio, Sharon Kulik, Robert Barry, Ralf Baecker, Philippe Deloison, Nicholas Knight, Peter Jellitsch, Martin Ratniks, Maria Loboda, Marcel Duchamp, Liam Gillick, Laurie Anderson, Laurent Grasso,Lawrence Weiner, John Cage, Günther Domenig & Eilfried Huth, Hugo Brégeau, Haines & Hinterding, Hans Hollein, François Curlet, Dunne & Raby, Don Burgy, Dominique Blais, Dan Graham, Christina Kubisch, Brian O’Doherty, Bettina Samson, Berdaguer & Péjus, Bat, Alvin Lucier, A Constructed World

Peter Jellitsch- Reference Table
Reference Table (the way you moved through me) / mixed media on aluminum & steel construction, 152 x 74,5 x 91,5 cm / Peter Jellitsch 2014.